Straighter Line

Design and implementation of the marketing website for the launch of a new concept in online, self-paced education.


An updated marketing website was needed for the launch of a new company to clearly introduce prospective customers to what was a new concept in online education.

The website would be the primary means for generating sales, so clear calls to action were desired. Of equal importance was the need to convey a professional, reputable image to help make users comfortable that this was not a "degree mill."


Working closely with the director of marketing the design concept took shape through a highly iterative process.

Branding developed by a creative agency was reained, but the site itself had to be reworked.


A design was finalized in Photoshop, then I sliced it up and programmed it in stages while keeping in constant view of stakeholders.

Content was developed in an agile fashion with a focus on organic SEO. The final site was executed using a HTML/CSS/ColdFusion/XML stack.

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