Smarthinking Redesign

Rethinking of the IA and UX of an existing product to aide students in receiving online tutoring and tutors in their job.


At the direction of new management a rethinking of how the two primary system actors, tutors and students, used the web app was requested.

A focus on usability, content findability and moderization of the user interface were identified as high level goals.


Beginning with internal, then external user surveys common user problems and suggestions were cataloged.

Stakeholder meetings were held to identify the major actor use cases, discount usability testing was performed on the existing web app to both identify usability issues and confirm areas of that worked well.


Using feedback from the usability testing, further refinements were made to the overall UX concepts and a new set of wireframes were created as a UX redesign proposal.

The major identified UX improvement was that users found it useful to be able to interact with the system along two distinct paths, each dependant upon the user's goals at the time. A second round of usability testing was performed, this time on the newly proposed design.

Development of a UI skin was started, but the project was halted at this point due to a company purchase and merger. Eventually stakeholders pushed to adopt the proposal within the new company post-merger.

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