Design and implementation focused on improving access to essential customer information and modernizing their image.


A local clothing boutique was in need of modernizing it's website in order to improve it's online presence and SEO rankings.

Goals included projecting an image more consistent with a high-end boutique and improving the findability of information important to it's customers. For the staff it was important to create the website on top of an easy-to-use CMS in order to allow minor website updates without need to contact an intermediary.


Stakeholder meetings helped to identify what information was most important to purchasing and consignment customers.

After determining that the size of essential information was relatively small, and mobile viewing was optimal, a fully responsive one-page template was chosen as the foundation.


The template was configured with content that had been seeded with SEO terms researched through Google Adwords. Custom photo shoots were scheduled and design updated.

High quality photography, elegant fonts, a redrawn store logo and edited content combined to create a concise yet informative website that was very well liked by the client.

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