Planet of the Job Bots

Illustration and authoring of a book that introduces youngsters to jobs through colorful artwork and a rhyming story.


Working with an upstart publishing company the concept was create a book using by building a world around my MemeBots artwork.

Colorful and fun cartoon-style robots would engage children within their world and gently introduce then to a wide variety of human jobs.


Somewhat counterintuitively, the artwork sketches were begun first. A rough story was then written to the world that was starting ot take shape.

The story and artwork then developed in parallel. Care was taken not to reinforce stereotypes, small easter eggs were placed in artwork as a nod to the older readers and color was filled in with the use of acrylic paint markers.


Digitization and cleanup followed. Each piece of art was scanned, imported into Illustrator, converted to vectors and cleaned up by hand.

Text layout came with the finalized story. The goal was to ensure that text would be a proper size that enabled it to be both easily legible on an iPad, but not overpowering in a print verison that is intended to be much larger.

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