MI Portal Redesign

UX overhaul of an existing corportate portal with a focus on IA cleanup, consistent UI and Flash removal.


After joining the product team I was tasked with helping to transition the portal web app from it's startup iteration to a streamlined second version in line with the product's growth.

The sitemap had slowly grown out of hand and needed to be organized. The primary project goals were to clean up the information architecture, create a consistent visual design and make the bulk of the functionality accessible via iPad.


A comprehensive high level flow chart was created to document existing functionality, then evaluated in order to propose an updated information architecture as the foundation for redesign.

Patterns were uncovered in the existing code base and wireframes were created to consolidate functionality in such a way that new reusable components could be developed.


After completing a thorough set of wireframes as a guide for our offshore development teams to follow I constructed and delivered a new stylesheet for the team to implement as they built the updated modules.

Flash based page were removed and replaced with HTML/CSS versions. Frequent feedback was given through daily stand-up meetings and JIRA as the tracker for our Agile process. Ultimately the redesigned web app was delivered in several stages and very well received by clients.

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