MI Form Builder

UX/UI redesign to revamp the existing product while increasing usability and decreasing customer frustration.


As a response to client requests new features needed to be added to the existing form builder which was a major component of the product.

It was showing it's age and needed to be modernized during the process to accomodate added functionality.


The existing app was analyzed, then competitor analysis performed through a series of stakeholder meetings to identify a direction that the group wanted to take.

A fully redesigned form builder application was wireframed, but ultimately determined to be a longer-term solution than had been anticipated. An intertim solution, with a subset of new functionality, was desired to respond more quickly to client needs.


The solution was a revamp of the client side, while largely allowing the server side logic to remain in place, tweaking APIs and fixing existing bugs as necessary.

The resulting interim design increased usability, solidified the IA and updated the interface to conform to the new UI defined through the MI Portal Redesign project.

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