During my career I've worked as a graphic designer, programmer, webmaster before transitioning to the field of user experience (UX) design 4 years ago.

I consider myself a "devsigner." Someone who understands, and has worked with, both the design and development side of building web connected software. I feel this enables me to better collaborate with my more and less technical colleagues, design within the limitations of technologies and leverage what is possible to create a better final product.

I enjoy technology and believe that software should enable people to accomplish tasks, rather than being a task to learn.

I love working on websites, but would like the opportunity to focus more on high-quality mobile technologies as part of HTML5 responsive designs (like this portfolio), native mobile apps or potentially even interfaces to the emerging products related to the Internet of Things.

Checking out the art by Ben's Chilli Bowl.

Design Philosophy

As a UX designer I believe that my job is to solve problems through software design.

My design process is iterative and evolutionary. I begin by evaluating requirements, stubbing out wireframes and work to mold the design as the project progresses and feedback is aquired. You might even call it agile design.

Over time I've come to believe in a few simple maxims that guide me in my approach to projects:

  • Good UX/UI design follows good information architecture (IA).
    A product's story has to be coherent for the software to be truely usable.

  • Negative space is essential to clean, usable design.
    Professional design makes use of consistent margins and gives a user's eyes places to rest.

  • Content is king and often the hardest part of a website to develop.
    Copy should be aggressively edited to distill the most important concepts into scannable chunks.

  • Up-front formal expression of goals will promote project focus and design clarity.
    As a project progresses it's easy to succumb to drift in the absence of a point of reference.

  • Software aligns best with a pragmatic approach to design.
    Simple solutions that fulfil requirements helps the team meet functional and delivery goals.

Even More

Keep reading if you'd like to learn even more about some of the more interesting aspects of my background that contributed to where I find myself today.

  • My introduction to computers and the internet (first by way of BBSes) started with an Intel 8088 + 300 baud modem and the seed was immediately set.

  • An early interest in art and computers led me to years of creating ANSi art (text-based electronic art form that thrived on the limitation of 16 colors, 6 characters and terrible bandwidth) as part of iCE.

  • College years were spent studying advertising design at Montgomery College and working as digital art photographer and magazine ad creator at Yankel Ginzburg's studio.

  • Website projects for the artist Dalek and the magazine While You Were Sleeping introduced me to the more modern lowbrow and street art movements.

  • Early internet community building and programming chops were built through creation of tXo, a then-popular Tony Hawk's Pro Skater fan forum.

  • A desire to create tangible artwork manifested itself as acrylic depictions of robots characters that I call MemeBots which combine my love of both technology and art.

iCE ANSi artwork by Shaggy [iCE] circa 1994.

One of my ANSi's circa 1994.

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